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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

laporan bergambar : MOCK TRIAL

lokasi : DK Alpha FSG, UiTM Shah Alam
tarikh : 17 April 2010
masa : 8.00 pagi - 10.30 pagi
kehadiran : prosecution, defense and the expert witness

enjoy the pics!

one day before the Mock Trial. 
Final discussion between prosecution, defense and the expert witness 
[forensic fingerprint examiner = the girl wearing brown baju kurung]

This is what happened on that day

drive thru McD as early as 730 am. took about 10mins and arrived FSG at 740am. 
having breakfast, chitchat and photography~

we are the defense.
fazie, dila, effa, me [jue], min and eput

here is the prosecution.
fafmi, amir, fendi, syed, kak cho, kak azie and sya
so happy working with them.
no problem at all~
happy all the time
thanx guys!

waiting for Mr. Lawyer

happy ending
thanx to all of you.


to my teammate,
all d BEST in final exam

p/s : please pray for me...

salam mahabbah
salam ukhwah

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