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Friday, June 4, 2010


Hydroquinone is listed as poison by the Ministry of Health and its use in cosmetics is banned in Malaysia. Hydroquinone is an extremely toxic and powerful chemical used in photo processing, herbicides, manufacturing of rubber and production of hair dyes. For cosmetic purposes, hydroquinone is one of the ingredients in skin-whitening products. Products containing hydroquinone are popular especially in the Asian and African cosmetics markets due to their skin-lightening properties. Most of these skin-whitening products encourage frequent and consistent use. Unsupervised long–term use of hydroquinone could strip our skin of melanin, a natural pigment in our skin produced by melanocytes. Hydroquinone may permanently destroy melanocytes in our skin. Without melanin to filter the harmful UV rays from the sun, we are at risk of skin cancer. Hydroquinone is known to cause skin irritation, hyperpigmentation and ochronosis, a chronic condition described as a black, coarse appearance. The obsession with fair skin among women may put them at risk of these irreversible skin damages. Currently, the use of hydroquinone is banned in over-the-counter products in Malaysia. 

As of end of 2008, Ministry of Health Malaysia had banned a total of 26 cosmetic products  which were found to be adulterated with scheduled poison.

1.    Dr. Seagar SkinRecon
2.    Ains Beauty Care Natural Lightening Cream
3.    Felisa GP Lotion
4.    Sri Mutiara Krim Kecantikan Malam
5.    Dewajah Night Cream
6.    Ains Beauty Care Clear Cream II
7.    Ains Beauty Care Face Lotion 1
8.    Ains Beauty Care Face Lotion 2
9.    Rihanna Beauty Cream
10. Sub Whitening Revitalizing Cream
11. Sub Instant White Cream
12. Herbarites Skin Whitening (Sensitive Skin)
13. Deep Skin White Plus
14. Atika Beauty Skin Lightening Cream
15. Crystal White Extra Night Cream
16. Crystal White Night Cream
17. Golden Deer White Complex Cream
18. Cellnique Skin Whitening Plus II
19. Cellnique Skin Whitening Essence I
20. Sendayu Tinggi Body & Skincare Cool & Lightening Soap
21. Kzanah White Pembersih Wajah
22. Glosskin Krim Malam & Siang
23. Reena’s Astringen Lanjutan
24. Skin Desires Deep Whitening Milk
25. Eetye Whitening Cream
26. O’lynn Lynn’s H20 Series Skin Lightening Cream
*Source: National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, 26th October 2008 

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katahati : lepas ni nak beli kosmetik, elok la belek2 ingredients dia.. bukan beli makanan je kena tengok ingredients. actually benda ni dah lama dah. dalam newspaper pun dah pernah keluar, dalam news dekat TV pun dah pernah keluar. 

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m4rilyn said...

thank God m not into makeup brand that mentioned.

ziha said...

huhu..nasib baik gak...produk y kite guna tak de mention kt sini..hehe

miss jue said...

m4rilyn and ziha ::
thats good...tp kena alert sentiasa bnd2 macam ni. tkt nk ctk tp nti lain pula jadi nya..